Poll-itics and all that jazz

Today, I have taken a slightly different approach to the post I am about to write; 12 hours ago, I decided to post a few polls on my Instagram story, in order to find out about other young people’s views on the world. Today, I will be sharing the results with you, as well as sharing a couple of quotes from a small number of these people – relating to their views on topics which they feel passionately about.

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Firstly, I asked:

‘Do you generally feel happy about the state of the world?’

Somewhat surprisingly, eighty per-cent of the 82 who answered said that they did not generally feel happy with the current state of the world.

But why are we so pessimistic?

It may soon become evident; do read on.

I then proceeded to ask:

‘Do you ever feel scared or nervous about the news?’

The results from this poll were noticeably closer, with 46 out of 79 replying ‘yes’ to the question, and 33 replying ‘no’.  That’s fifty-eight percent to forty-two percent.

Question 3….

‘Would you say you generally trust politicians?’

Eighty seven percent of the 79 who answered stated that they do not generally trust politicians. Only ten people out of the 79 said that they do generally trust them.

Well,  I wonder why that could possibly be…

  • The vast amount of lies we are so frequently told *cough* £350 million going towards the NHS *cough*. I think the NHS are still waiting for that cheque to come through. Oh wait, it won’t. Nice one BoJo.

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  • The words ‘missiles’ and ‘nuclear weapons’ are becoming a little too common for my liking
  • University fees and housing prices are absolutely extortionate, and very little is being done to help
  • Poverty
  • Starvation / world hunger
  • Lack of education in many countries across the world
  • There are refugees which have been forced to flee their homes
  • Said refugees being refused safe places to say
  • Trump isn’t exactly trustworthy
  • Neither is Putin really
  • Same goes for Kim Jong-Un
  • Also, Brexit is a shambles
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Next, I asked:

‘Upon hearing about events that concern you, do you actively aim to do something about it?’

Only fifteen percent answered ‘yes’.

This may well have been the result that surprised me most, due to the fact so many young people are completely and utterly aware of what is going on throughout the world, as is evidenced in many results above, and a couple that are yet to come. It may be arguable that many younger members of society (those who are in school etc.) simply do not have time to campaign and complete charity work, however some may counter this, arguing that as the ‘Snapchat Generation’ it should not be hard to tweet using a hashtag, or to sign an online petition.

One of the lovely people who answered the polls I posted, sent me her opinion on this topic, and it is incredibly relevant, as we most definitely do need to be aware of everything that’s going on in the world, and certainly need to recognise that we all have some amount of power when it comes to changing the way things are.

‘I feel like, for people our age, what needs to change is our attitude and our ignorance; so many people our age just don’t educate themselves on current issues and don’t care enough to because it doesn’t affect them, but we are the sort of people that are going to be taking on managerial, political and financial jobs when we’re older and we are going to have a lot of influence in society so not a lot is going to change unless we educate ourselves and act on it’

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Next Question:

‘Would you describe society as an accepting place for you and others?’

Forty three per cent of eighty answered yes. Fifty seven per cent answered no.  Although the two percentages are not a million miles away from each other, I believe that this is still a worrying number, as if more than half do not feel that them or their peers have a place in society, then there are clearly issues.

However, I do recognise that this result may not be the most accurate, due to the fact the question was probably a bit too broad; I don’t actually know who answered for themselves or for those around them.

I genuinely am disappointed to have phrased a question so poorly. What am I? A GCSE examination board?

Yeah, that’s what I thought, Edexcel.

Then finally,

‘Would you describe discrimination as a prevalent issue in society today?’

Eighty five per cent answered yes.

That’s 63 people out of 74.

That’s bad. It is so incredibly sad that people are still victims of hate crimes, due to their sexuality, due to their religion, due to their race and due to their beliefs. I still struggle to understand what goes on in some people’s minds, and why they think it is acceptable to bully, and to torture others, merely because they may believe in a different God, or because they love someone of the same gender.

One other follower sent me his view on the issue of homophobia:

‘People need to stop being so hostile towards homosexuals (…) I think you should be able to love who you love. Why is it somebody else’s decision if it’s okay for you to love somebody based on their gender?’

And he’s absolutely right. Bang on.

So, what can we take from my results?

If we really are as ‘woke’ as it seems, is it time we actually ‘wake’ up, and take more action? The answer is yes, mainly because I just put an absolute banger of a pun in there, and now you have to agree with me because I am a comedy god. Bow before me, peasants.

Joking apart, although the results do only represent a group of about 80, I do think it says something in terms of whether young people are keen to see things change or not. Despite the fact a small percentage of those who answered actually contribute towards change, there is still a lot of time for that percentage to increase. The general trend was that those who voted do seem to care about equality and honesty within politics, and I am confident that if enough people care now, change will follow.

Until next time,

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2 thoughts on “Poll-itics and all that jazz”

  1. So glad you found it interesting! I completely agree that more and more (much needed) protests etc are taking place due to Trump’s – quite frankly -horrific presidency. I do feel that there are a lot of people in complete and utter despair all across the globe right now – and I definitely found it interesting to see what even a small group‘s thoughts were on the matter. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment😊


  2. What an eye opening post! I may be across the pond but I find, merely from talking with folks, no polls here from me, that your poll sums up the state of the world over here as well. Although, slowly I am seeing more action on the part of “young people,” those in the 30 and under group. I think Trump and his ignorance, lack of civility or even common decency is pushing more into action. I can only hope so. As for me, I’m both vocal and actively involved in protests. Always have been, most likely always will be.

    Liked by 1 person

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