International Men’s Day

Yes, it exists.
No, I’m not about to try and cancel it.

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So, International Women’s Day occurs annually on the 8th of March. Of course, every single year, we are met with an outburst of angry tweets from men who demand to know why there isn’t a day dedicated to them. Well, there is. In fact, there has been one since 1992. This Monday is the day to do so.

While I could write for hours about how irrationally so many react to the prospect of a day dedicated to women, I’m not going to do that. Well, not today anyway. I’ve decided to list a few of the reasons it is actually vital to celebrate men across the globe; to validate their feelings, to help crush stereotypes, and to show the importance of caring for one another.

Sadly, men are facing an increasing number of issues.
And, when I say issues, I don’t mean ‘the friendzone’ or ‘feminazis’. I mean real, worrying problems.

‘Man up.’

Now, how many of us have heard this phrase?
Too many of us.

While it may seem that these two words are harmless enough, the connotations of such a phrase are a lot more harmful than it may appear. By telling a boy, or a man, to ‘man up’, we are dismissing their feelings, we are making them feel unworthy, and we are causing them to shove their emotions into a box in the darkest of corners, never to be touched again. Those two words are not just ‘words’.

This 1 minute – long video highlights the importance of men supporting men, destroying the stigma surrounding men’s mental health. It shows the impact that a quick chat with a friend can have; it is more than okay to check in with a mate. It is alright to admit that you’re not feeling as great as you could be. Feelings are alright. They’re valid.

Sadly, it is not just the concept of male emotions that is so difficult for many to accept, but, in some cases, a harmless photo of Daniel Craig carrying his baby can cause outcry.


Ah, yes, that well known ’emasculating’ act of a father caring for his child.

Now, thankfully, Piers Morgan is not exactly seen as a ‘national treasure’, so was far from taken seriously, however it is beliefs such as these that can be ingrained within us from an early age, and, all too often, we don’t notice them at all.

Now, onto makeup.

Can boys wear it? Yes. Should they? If they want to. But do they feel confident doing so?


No. How have we reached a point at which boys are asking if ‘it is wrong’ to express themselves through beauty products?  I’ll tell you what’s wrong: the belief that boys are not allowed to care for their appearance, the belief that they are not allowed to feel beautiful, and the belief that they are automatically feeble if they do so.

Does that not disgust you?

Men, it’s okay to have a different body to the man on the front of ‘Men’s Health’. You’re doing great. In fact, you can wear makeup and look like the dude on the front of that magazine. Let’s face it, he’s probably wearing tonnes of the stuff, anyway.

Hopefully, I have summarised a few reasons to why I do support International Men’s Day. While Monday should be a day for men across the globe to advocate for their welfare, it should also be a day to celebrate the magnificent fathers, uncles, brothers, grandfathers, newphews and friends across the world. While we are cursed with gremlins such as good ol’ Donnerz, we are also blessed with some heroes, of all ages. (click here to read about Desmond, a fierce and fabulous hero aged only 11)

While it is more than arguable that men require an allocated day far less than women do, I would say that having a day on which we focus on male welfare is certainly positive. There’s no harm in women supporting men, nor in men supporting women. It needs to happen more. Feminists are here for men. In fact, a number of us are men.

Perhaps, in a sense, every day is ‘Men’s Day’, but not every day focuses on how men are. 

And that’s where Monday comes in.

thanks for the read,
until next time!

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